Not your typical Office view

Not your typical Office view

On all of the outdoor activities I have done I always get the same comment from people…. “WOW!!(as they look at the scenery), not a bad office view”, “I wish I had this as an office view.”

I ask myself why not? What is stopping us from actually having such a marvelous and breath taking view?  Sure some of you may say, well is not easy to just drop everything and go to paradise to work, not everyone can have that pleasure. Not all of us live around or are surrounded by woods or nature at all times. Some live in a city full of noise, people and the everyday rude person in the street that never looks where they are going and runs into you, without apologizing. Some just have a very busy schedule and don’t have the time to take a step back and look in front of them, because we they are too busy looking 2, 3, 5, or even 10 steps ahead.

But, what is paradise really?

To some it may be on an island with white sand, clear ocean warm water, with the sun’s rays shinning over you, with a cooling breeze that comes and goes as you take a zip of your delicious cold beverage.

To others it may be the sight of colorful fall trees in the woods that show their true colors as they change their foliage, telling the world to get ready for the coming beautiful snow white days that represent the end of a year and the beginning of a new opportunity.

To several it may be the rush of the city, the thrill of always having something to do, somewhere to be and someone to see. The excitement of always being ten steps ahead of others, the ability to have something when and where you want it at the moment you want it.

To a few it may mean the laughter of a child as they wake you up from bed with a hug and kiss asking you to wake up in excitement of a new day. Although, you may be exhausted it brings you joy to wake up and see a child laugh at early hours, be curious about the world and the new things they may learn today, like walking for the first time, speaking for the first time, having the first day of school or even saying goodbye to you as they head off to college to pursue their dreams.

Whatever your paradise is at some point or another we end up getting caught up in the day to day struggle of surviving. We lose focus of what actually made us smile and took our breath away when we first started the journey which we live in.

So what must we do to always be able to look and see the beauty of what’s in front of us, among all the dust from work, bills, and struggle?

The answer is simple:

Every day give yourself 5 seconds of deep breath and complete mental peace,  a moment where you take your mind and soul out of the struggle and decide to see through the lines of everyday life.  It all takes is 3 deep breaths with closed eyes and an open heart ready to see our true meaning of paradise as we open our eyes again in complete peace.

So to all of you who read this, I ask of you to take a moment for yourself to grasp on what you call paradise. Some of you may read this as you go to bed after a long day of work, to others you may read it as you wake up in the morning and to others it may just be an afternoon light reading. To whoever you are I ask that you share what paradise may be to you to the world, by passing on this writing. Not for me as a blogger, but for the one and only reason I started this blog, to help your fellow neighbor understand the true meaning of life. Life is full of struggle; however there are those glimpse moments that take our breath away, and those moments are the ones we have to look out for, because before you know it they are gone.

If you want to share your paradise you can in my Twitter @CaptCrazyGuide #myparadise

Happy Hump day to all!!!IMG_1011.JPG





4 comentarios en “Not your typical Office view”

  1. Really love reading your post. You are so right, many of us don’t have the luxury to live and work in paradise. But as long as we love what we are doing and we are following our passions, we should be able to love life and be thankful for living our life the way we chose to. To me that’s paradise, is not where you are but having the freedom to do what you love 🙂

    Me gusta

  2. Man you made me think about how I can enjoy my surroundings and live in a paradise in my mind. Great reading !!! Living in a paradise at least 5 seconds per day hahaha probably this would have a great impact in my day to day activities and my work. Thank you for sharing this article !!

    Me gusta


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