Experiencing the world cup: Chapter 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina

This summer I traveled to Brazil to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and all I can say is that it was AWESOME!!!!!

The trip included my brothers and my dad; this was to become a trip full of Futbooooooool(soccer)!!!  We first flew into Buenos Aires, Argentina since it was a lot cheaper to fly there and then take smaller trips upward towards Brazil. It went from $1,200 flight from Mexico to Brazil or a $600 ticket from Mexico to Argentina.

Traveling Tip 1: Always seek alternative routes to your final destination, it may be cheaper and you may be able to experience other places.

As soon as I arrived in Buenos Aires the first thing that I saw was their blue sky, it is like no other that I have ever seen. The sky has a very soft blue tint to it as if it was always just right after 8 am when there is no pollution yet and you can clearly see the white clouds and the gentle sky looking down upon you. The second thing I felt was the crazy cold weather, I had forgotten that they were currently in their winter. After living on an island for almost a year this cold weather hit me as hard as a brick wall, for certain I was going to get sick.

Traveling Tip 2: Take a look at the current weather forecast of the place you are visiting, so you can prepare accordingly.

While in Buenos Aires we got took their tour bus (Buenos Aires Bus), a bus that takes you around the city to see all of its memorable streets, buildings, government buildings and historical parts. The tour lasts about 2 hours and is a great way to see all of the important points in one day, that way you can make note on places you liked the most. Some of the most exciting things that I found interesting were:

  • Stop#1-Avenida de Mayo: this is one of the main streets where you can find a lot of the well-known restaurants and the true lifestyle of an Argentinian.
  • Stop #7-Boca Juniors Stadium: the stadium although small holds a lot of history, not only the stadium, but the town that has been built around the futbol team is incredible full of color and passion, a true futbol town
  • Stop#11-Puerto Madero: this port is really nice to walk around in and enjoy the tall buildings and the more developed part of the city.
  • Stop#25-Teatro Colon: this theatre is one of the most important opera theaters in all the world, top 5 in the world. The architecture is amazing, however we didn’t get to see the inside, which I heard is incredible.

We stayed in a hostel called America del Sur Hostel, very accommodating and a reasonable price the common area was really nice and very welcoming, Wi-Fi available and drinks available too.

Traveling Tip 3: hostels are cheaper than hotels, try to find one in the center of the city.









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