Experiencing the World Cup: Chapter 2 Foz de Iguazu (Brazil)

Chapter 2

From Buenos Aires we headed up to Foz de Iguzu National Park where there is a water fall that is almost a mile wide and it’s amazing. If you look up pictures of the waterfalls they seem so calm, pretty and perfect for a couple’s picture. However, when we went there it had been raining for a while, more than ever before. The last time they had something like this happen was in 1980s, the level of the water had tripled and had knock down some of the walking bridges.

As we landed, we automatically felt the humidity of the town and we heard all kinds of noises coming from the trees around us. It was so humid that your clothes got damp just from walking around, it was cold in the mornings and the sun hadn’t showed up in like a week as of that day. We got a cab and the drivers name was Roberto, he was originally from there and was amazed by the amount of rain they had gotten, he even said that the falls were closed down. At that moment we felt so bummed out, however we didn’t let that bring us all the way down, we talked to Roberto and he helped us out with an itinerary.

Traveling tip #4- find a resourceful cab/gypsie driver that can make your trip unforgetable

The first day since it was cloudy we decided to go check out the Brazilian side of the waterfalls since they only have about 30% of the national park in their territory. Since the day was cloudy as we were driving up to the falls we already started to notice the mist coming from them, from almost a mile away!!

The first day stepped up to the plate and delivered a grand performance for us and left us in excitement for the next day. At first it impressed us by opening the doors of the bridges that day for the tourist in almost two weeks. We took a bus to the main waterfalls were we started to walk right along the river. As we walk we encountered various types of animals like monkeys, bees, armadillos, spider and other amazon animals.

The closer we got to the falls the more we could see the rath and the power of the falls, as the past couple of weeks it had turn it from a honeymoon water fall to a daredevils dream. The current of the water was so strong that it splashed everyone that was close to it, you could barely see clear water and the Devils Throat was out of access because of it.  We got to the very edge of the falls and we decided to take our chances and stand right underneath them. My dad, my middle brother and myself took this challenge full on, just shorts and no shirt. Not knowing how cold the water could really be and how strong it would hit us, we took a step closer. At first it wasn’t really splashing us but all of a sudden BOOOM!!! The rage of the water came up from behind us and soaked us, with its full force and coldness. It felt so refreshing and cold but most of all it reminded us of how when all is calm, sometimes a big rush comes over us and reminds us of the thrill of everyday life.






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