Experiencing the World Cup: Chapter 3 An unforgettable meal

Chapter 3-

After we got done at the falls we headed back towards the border to the Argentinian side, however before we got across we stopped at a bird park called ¨Parque Das Aves.¨ The park was originally built by Dennis Croukamp, he and his family built this park because of their love to birds. However, as the years went by it also has turned into a rescue park where they pick up and receive mistreated or injured animals and help them get better and survive. The park had tons of birds, monkeys, deer, tortoises, and even reptiles like big crocodiles. Our tour guide was good, however she didn’t really seem to know how to entertain the guests, she mainly threw in scientific facts about the animals.

Traveling tip #5- Use rating sites like trip advisor to see what tour guide is mostly commented on that way you can request them.

Once we finished at the park, we headed back to the hostel to shower and get ready for an amazing meal soon to happen.  When we first arrived to Argentina, we had heard that their meat is very good, some even said the best. So we asked around for the best restaurant for a steak, so they directed us to ¨El Quincho del Tio Querido.¨ A lot of people including Roberto told us that you must get a reservation, because it gets packed after 7, so we did what every Spanish person does, we just showed up. As to be expected with no reservation or anything as soon as we arrived there was a line waiting, it was four of us so it seemed like we were going to wait like an hour and a half…so they said.

Traveling tip #6- Always be nice to everyone (sweet talk), sometimes they will be able to get you through tough times, or help you jump the line.

As soon as they told us the waiting time, we decided to start talking to the staff that was just standing around, also we started to sweet talk the lady workers. After a couple laughs here and there my brother was able to get us a table, just 20 min after we arrived at the place. The restaurant looked really nice and the vibe was good, they had a tango show and the smell of meat on a grill was abundant. We sat down and ordered a fantastic cut medium rare and a bottle of wine with a couple of beers. When they brought the steak to the table it was on a small grill with wood chips on the bottom, the steak still cooking had a fantastic crisp to the outside, while still bleeding as you cut it open. To show u the quality of the food the waiter, cut a peace for us only using a spoon!! No knife all they used was a spoon and a fork to hold the steak. As the waiter cut the steak he let out all the wonderful smell of the steak as it steams under your nose, bringing the smells of a healthy grown cow and reminding you of the amazing trip you are having with an irreplaceable company.   The entire bill came out to be close to only $75 dollars which was really cheap considering we ordered two cuts, a bottle of wine and two beers.

The entire evening was unforgettable as the day came to an end we had a full belly and smiles on our face, the meal was a great way to end the exciting day and prepare us for a good sleep at a new place.

Traveling tip #6- As you travel around, even if you’re on a budget, give yourself a chance to have a great meal, that way you can enjoy and recollect your experience thus far.









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