Experiencing the World Cup: Chapter 4 Acting like a child

As the day greeted us with its sun light, the first in almost two weeks, the birds started to express their emotion with their harmonic whistles. One by one we awoke and got ready for the day, which was to become an unforgettable one.

Today we were going to see the rest of the falls which were on the Argentinian side. Argentina owns about 70% of the falls. We all put our swimsuits on and waited for our gypsi driver, Roberto, to arrive. As we waited we had breakfast which included eggs, fruit and coffee, all complements of the hostel.

Traveling tip #7- Hostels usually always include breakfast, it is always nice to wake up to breakfast made already.

We arrived at Foz de Iguazu Parque Nacional de Argentina and the sun was still shining down upon us. This was good since today we planned on getting soaked. We booked a boat tour in the afternoon, so we had some time to kill.

When you walk into the park you automatically walk into the information desk. We asked about the many sights and they were very helpful.  They guided us to a train that would take us to our next stop, which was closer to the falls and had hand rails and guided trails for us to enjoy the falls. The falls did not disappoint! At points throughout the trail we got splashed by the water as it made a big sound when impacting the water.  The roar of the falls was loud and the welcoming sun made it a great environment for happy moments and unforgettable pictures.

The next thing on our itinerary was our boat ride into the falls. This was something we all had been waiting for! We first started to ride out in a canopy tour towards the bottom of the falls, there, we would catch the boat. The car in which we took the canopy tour was quite a big truck, with six wheels and carrying up to 25 passengers. The ride there was awesome. The tour guide was really versed at speaking two languages at the same time, as she was entertaining the guests and teaching us about the types of trees and plants you find in the Argentinian amazon. When we got to the boat they had everything we needed. They handed us a waterproof bag to put our belongings and they even had an extra guide on the boat that just took pictures and videos of the guests.

Traveling tip #8- When booking a tour always look into the ¨what to bring¨ tab this will keep your shoes dry….lesson learned.

The boat ride was fantastic! The falls were extremely powerful due to recent rain and flooding. The guides took us towards the falls and sadly they announced that they could not take us to the devils throat, conditions had made it too dangerous. However, they did take us to a couple spots that were close to it and were just as good. We felt the water come down on us and I must say, it does sting a little as it hits you while underneath them. I felt like Forrest Gump when he talked about the rain in Vietnam, water was coming from all directions. The ride was so thrilling that the crew we were with got really excited and convinced the guides to take us another time into the falls.

This experience left me speechless. The beauty and wrath of nature took me away and it reminded me of why we all love to travel. We all travel seeking those new things that will take our breath away and you never know what part of your trip it will be. However when we find it, we can’t help but smile and act like a child.









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